Social media networking in Jackson Hole Wyoming & Bend Oregon.

Social Media Networking

Skyfire Studio specializes in creating buzz about our clients through the use of social media networking.

What The Heck is Social Media Networking?
Social Networking is how people interact in cyberspace. Outlets like Facebook, myspace, Youtube, and Twitter to name a few, all offer people different ways to connect with each other over the interent.

How Does Skyfire Studio Use Social Networking?
Social Media has spawned into an all new type of marketing that has its own ins and outs of acceptable common practices. We use social media to interact with your target market and to stay top of mind through posting videos, twittering sales, gathering market data, and providing other unique content that will keep your customers loyal.

But Beware
Traditional PR and marketing firms will claim they do "social networking", when in fact all they are doing is using a buzz word to make you happy. Truth is, most PR and marketing firms are too out of date to even know the first thing about social media networking. They usually outsource to firms like Skyfire Studio, that have a solid  understanding on just how to go about networking  in cyberspace and build meaningful relationships that drive more business to your organization.