Road to Resolution CARD GAME 

Conflict Resolution as a FUN, multiple choice game. 

Are you worn out by never-ending sibling conflict?  I created this game because I knew there had to be a better way.  I wanted my kids to learn, and to practice, healthy conflict resolution without my constant intervention.  


This simple game allows children to work through a structured process: 

  6. RESOLUTION (how to move forward)

Each step offers seven multiple choice options to help children articulate their thoughts.  (There is also a fill in the blank option in case the child does not resonate with the options offered).  

The game can be played as an individual or with 2+ people.  It’s an asynchronous process without a time limit, so children are encouraged to take the time they need to move through each step.  


It Works

My household is amazing peaceful since I started playing this game with my kids (ages 6 & 10).  It has been amazing to watch them learn the language and the steps of conflict resolution.   Now, they are able to shortcut the process and work through conflict on their own.  Or if there is a particularly difficult situation, we pull out the cards and it immediately shifts the tension from STUCK to PROBLEM SOLVING.  


I want this product to help your family and believe in it so much that I offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If this game doesn’t help your kids learn better conflict resolution skills, I’ll refund your purchase!


Where to Buy

Available soon!  Pre-order is currently available by sending an email to  The price is $40 and comes in a cute tin box with helpful instructions.   Purchase also includes access to a private youtube channel with video resources that go into more depth on the process of conflict resolution. 


More Resources

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