A humorous talk about the lack of quality domain names with the dot com suffix

What's in a domain name?

By Jim Sbarra on September 5, 2009

While working with a client the past couple months trying to find an appropriate domain name,I had a glimpse into the future of website domain names. People are now naming their business based on what domain name is available. Which seems like a good thing to do. Except "domain real estate agents" are taking all the good names in hope for the big pay off. So what are small businesses supposed to?

Before you know it were going to start having business called klsjdflkssd because that was the only .com available that adequately described their business!

Sure you could go with a .biz, or.info,  but come on, we all want the .com. So good luck and how do you pronounce 'klsjdflkssd' anyway?

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